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HAZMAT Safety Attorney

Did your employer follow Federal regulations?

The Hazardous Materials Transportation Act governs the transportation or shipment of hazardous materials by railroad and is enforced by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). This law was enacted in 1974 and applies to shippers and carriers alike.

Under authority delegated to the FRA by the Secretary of Transportation, a safety program is administered that overseas the movement of hazardous materials (including dangerous goods), such as petroleum, chemical, and nuclear products throughout the nation’s rail transportation system, including shipments transported to and from international organizations.

The Hazardous Materials Division of the FRA operates a hazardous materials safety regulatory program that includes the following items:

  • Hazardous Materials Incident Reduction Program
  • Tank Car Facility Conformity Assessment Program
  • Tank Car Owner Maintenance Program Evaluations
  • Spent Nuclear Fuel and High-Level Nuclear Waste Program
  • Railroad Industrial Hygiene Program
  • Rulemaking, Approvals, and Exemptions
  • Partnerships in Domestic and International Standards-Related Organizations (e.g., AAR, ASME, TDG/CGSB)
  • Education, Safety Assurance, Compliance, and Accident Investigation

HAZMAT Safety Lawyer

We can quickly build a strong case in your defense, citing any failures to maintain standard operations of safe working conditions. This may include investigations into the toxic materials to which you were exposed. No matter what the specific circumstances of your case may be, our accident attorneys are on hand to help in any way that we can.

If your injury or illness was caused by your employer's failure to adhere to safety guidelines, you should contact a qualified injury attorney at once. Arnold & Itkin LLP lawyers have successfully represented victims injured in railroad accidents. We can help you build a strong and persuasive case as quickly as possible.

Contact an injury lawyer today to learn more about HAZMAT safety standards and how the law can be applied to your case.

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