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Time Limitations on Filing a Claim

Don’t wait to file a claim because there are time limitations for filing all types of railroad accident claims.

  • Injured Railroad Employees - The federal statute of limitations for FELA claims is 3 years from date of injury.
  • Injured Non-Employees - Time limitations for individuals that have been involved in incidents such as a railroad crossing accident or an accident while a passenger on a train, are described as a statute of limitations in some states and a “prescription period” in other states. Both terms specify the time in which a lawsuit must be filed or the claimant will lose the right to do so. The time period can be as short as one year and certain claims may require notice within six months of the date of the incident.

Accident Witnesses & Evidence Can Be Lost

Accident investigations and witness depositions are another pressing reason to seek the assistance of an experienced railroad injury attorney right away. As time passes, evidence can be lost and memories can fade, thereby jeopardizing the success of a claim.

You don't want to run the risk of missing the time frame you have to file a claim. Whether you are trying to make a train accident claim or a FELA injury claim, you will need to do so according to the lime permitted to you. Exceptions are not made for persons who miss their deadline. Therefore, seeking the legal help of a railroad injury attorney could prove to be extremely beneficial to your case. With professional assistance on your side, you will not need to worry that you have filed incorrectly nor second guess the materials you have submitted.

Call Arnold & Itkin LLP right away if you’ve been involved in a train accident. Our experienced railroad injury lawyers can help you build a strong case quickly.

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